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What are the library’s overdue policies?

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Regular library books checked out to students do not accrue fines until the final day of classes each semester. If a book is not returned by the last day of class the student’s account is billed a replacement fee plus any accrued fines. The replacement fee is either a standard fee (for example, $50 for regular books, $75 for Oversize) or the actual cost of the book, whichever is higher.


Reserve items and Interlibrary Loan items accrue fines of $1/day. Interlibrary loan replacement costs are set by the lending library, and often include processing fees as well.


Books checked out to students may be recalled if the student has had them for three weeks or more. Fines for recalled books that are not returned in five days are $0.50 per day, and are not waived. Interlibrary loans and other reciprocally borrowed items are subject to recall at any time. These should be returned within 5 business days, or will be assessed fines at $1 per day.


Materials borrowed by faculty and staff are subject to recall, but not to fines.

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